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May 19, 2005

Grass Lawn Chair


World's most elemental chair.

From the website:

    Grass armchair for outdoor use.

    Die–cut cardboard pieces fit together to make the form of an armchair.

    Fill and cover with dirt, sprinkle with grass seeds and water.

By the time the grass sprouts the dirt has settled and your new chair can support your weight without collapsing.

Assembly required.

Power mowing not recommended.


$115 here (grass seed not included).

Redefines the term "lawn chair."

[via thewavemag.com]

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I am a thrid year product design student currently doing research on designers using inovative materials on thier products.
I think this is an amazing example! In fact, I think that whole experiance of sitting on the chair would be magical. The feel, the smell would for me be as important as the chair. Please could you send me any iinformation you may have on the design of the chair? Was it based on another chair or project? Any problems with the product? Has it sold well? etc.
I really hope you have the time to reply to me as it would be of great benifit to me.
Thank you very much,
Keith kelly,
Dublin, Ireland.

Posted by: Keith Kelly | Sep 30, 2008 3:09:28 AM

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