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May 24, 2005



Yesterday this new institution of higher learning opened its virtual doors.

You may not know this but Donald Trump is a proud graduate of the Mae West School of Business, to wit: "More is never enough."

Trump University, which the Associated Press noted is "for–profit" [as if], "will consist of online courses, CD–ROMs, consulting services and Learning Annex–type seminars."

No grades or degrees will be offered.

Courses cost $300 and take 1–2 weeks to complete.

The Donald, whose Trump Entertainment Resorts emerged from bankruptcy just last week, is wasting no time capitalizing on his return to solvency.

Roger Schank, founder of the Institute for Learning Sciences at Northwestern University, will be TU's chief learning officer.

Schank told the Wall Street Journal the school would emphasize "learning by doing."


Trump University staffers have been instructed to refer to students as "customers."

Registration begins this week for the initial round of classes, to include marketing, real estate and entrepreneurship.

Well, what's my excuse?

Why haven't I yet announced bojU?

bookofjoe University would quickly move to the forefront of virtual education should I ever decide to move it out of beta.

I guess it's just not quite ready for prime time, would be my answer.

Though my attitude might be a problem as well.

A couple years ago I was sitting quietly at home doing something close to nothing (but different from the day before) when the phone rang.

A woman, very business–like, asked to speak to Dr. Stirt.

I said that's me.


She said, doctor, I know you're a busy man [boy, was she spot–on, eh? But I digress] so I won't take much of your time, but I'd like to ask you if you'd like to succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

I said tell me more.

She said that in her experience there were two types of Donalds in the world: ducks and Trumps.

She asked me if I was a duck... or a Trump?

I said, I'm a duck.

She hung up.

As I said, I'll need an attitude adjustment before bojU goes live.

Real soon now — maybe.


Or maybe not.

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If the University bent doesn't work out, you should consider a radio station. They already have a Jack and a Bob - why not a Joe? (And as often as you quote that Prince song, I would guess Raspberry Beret would definitely be on the play list!)

Posted by: Shawn Lea | May 25, 2005 11:58:28 PM

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