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May 1, 2005

Underwater Surfboard


Very cool.

"Combines the thrill of surfing and skateboarding in one exciting ride."

Bonus: you don't drown, become paralyzed or fracture your skull.

It's a soft, buoyant EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate, if you must know) surfboard–shaped, skateboard–sized (30"L x 7"W) object that sinks when you stand on it the pool, then tries to surface — with you trying to stay aboard.

The website calls it the "SubSkate," which is a dreadful name for a wonderful invention.

Boy, do they need someone from my crack research team to come in and reshape their offerings.

No, they can't afford me, don't even ask — you know how much it would take to get me away from you. But I digress.

Weight capacity = 150 pounds.

"For children 6 and older with adult supervision" — so you just barely qualify.

$19.95 here.

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