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May 25, 2005

World's most expensive hot dog — but not close to the best


That's NOT it above; rather, you're looking at the world's second–most costly frankfurter, a 15–bite dog that will set you back $13.50 at the Brooklyn Diner USA in Manhattan.

The winner and grand champion is the 11–oz. footlong at New York City's The Old Homestead — it goes $19 and is made from American–raised Kobe beef.

Ed Levine, who wrote today's great New York Times Dining Out section front–page story on New York's best hot dogs, said of the costly Kobe beef dog, "I found it mushy and bland, and not redeemed by the white truffle mustard, the Kobe beef chili, the Vidalia onion, the Dutch bell peppers and the Cheshire Cheddar sauce that accompanied it."

Who's Ed Levine and why should you believe anything he has to say?


He's probably the world's greatest authority on New York City street food.

His books and articles are sui generis.

So I'm taking what he has to say with a squeeze of mustard.

The Times article also has an excellent sidebar headlined "Best in Show" with an alphabetical listing of the 17 finest hot dog emporia (you could say emporiums if you weren't a classically–inclined Latinist like me) in the New York metropolitan area, including addresses and telephone numbers.

But wait — there's more!

The online site features a slide show narrated by Levine himself of his three–month journey through the hot dog wilderness to gather the material for today's story.


Have two for me.

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