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May 26, 2005

Yoshitomo Nara 'Walk On' Flip Clock


"Mischievous, menacing and wise well beyond their years."

So does the website describe the children depicted on this quirky clock ($199) by Tokyo–based artist Yoshitomo Nara.

The clock contains 84 different sketches: 60 for the minutes in each hour and 24 to mark every hour in a day.

Available in blue, white and beige.

Clear plastic cover.

Requires one C battery (included).

"PLEASE NOTE: Yoshitomo Nara uses 'colorful language' in his artistic expression in one particular sketch and therefore this clock is not recommended for children."

As I think about this warning I'm wondering if perhaps this item is not suitable for bookofjoe Version 2.0.

It's a close call.

I'm gonna let it pass and wait to see what develops.

As always, though, the bullet that kills you comes from a place you'd never have considered dangerous.

"Mischievous, menacing and wise well beyond their years."

Sounds like a girl I once knew... or am I caught in a time warp and that's one I've yet to meet?

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