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May 5, 2005

You have never tasted real wasabi


"Did you know that wasabi powder is imitation?"

So says the website of Pacific Farms, where you can buy the real thing (above).

They grow it, then package and sell it.

Don't be fooled by imitations.

"The green smooth textured clump on the side of your sushi dish is rarely real wasabi."

Accept no substitutes.

"Wasabi is one of rarest and most difficult vegetables in the world to grow. Few geographical areas are suited for growing wasabi. We are fortunate that our micro–climate in Florence, Oregon is ideally suited for growing fresh wasabi."

You are a joehead, and you rule.

Meanwhile, bookofjoe (that would me moi) drools, but that's simply the price one pays for doing what I do.

And I do so willingly, under no coercion, and of my own free will — assuming, that is, that such a thing exists.

But that's a subject for another time.


Isn't it?

[via KK]

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