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June 22, 2005

'Set The Twilight Reeling'


That's the name of Lou Reed's 1996 album for which Stefan Sagmeister designed the poster above.

How is it that I'd never heard of Sagmeister, a finalist in this year's National Design Awards competition?

When I went over to Amazon to have a look at his 2001 book, "Made You Look," I was blown away.

And when I read the reviews — there are 15 of them, every single one of them rating the book 5 stars — I realized two things:

1) How completely out of touch I am not to have known of this immensely gifted man, arguably one of the greatest graphic designers and artists in the world, and

2) How fortunate I was to learn about him before — rather than after — I was dead so that I could order and enjoy his book.

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$99 Dell Laser Printer


It's the world's first laser printer to retail for under $100.

Dell announced it yesterday and it's all over today's papers.

I don't care how you look at it, how much money Dell's gonna lose at this price or anything else: the very fact that you can go out and buy a laser printer (above) from a reputable, name brand company for under $100 is an amazing technological accomplishment.

I recall not that long ago when the dream of a sub–$1,000 laser printer was alive and well.

And now this.

Truly jaw–dropping.

The printer comes with a starter toner cartridge that can print up to 1,000 pages.

Replacement cartridges cost $65 and can print up to 2,000 pages.

Which raises the question of whether or not this becomes the world's first disposable laser printer along with the price–point break.

1,000 pages for $99 is ten cents a page.

If you buy a replacement cartridge you'll get 2,000 pages for your $65 which equates to 3.25 cents a copy.

Tell you what: bet that lots of people aren't gonna want to bother with the replacement routine and will instead opt for a new one when the toner runs out.

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Pot Suckers — Hemp–Flavored Lollipops


These won't be around long, tell you what: if you want to buy some better book it on over to your local mall's Spencer Gifts store and stock up.

'Cause the mind police are gonna be all over this one in a hurry.

Today's USA Today story by Donna Leinwand reports that Spencer's has been selling these hemp–flavored lollipops (above) since last August with nary a complaint up to now.

Considering that the little suckers sell for $1.99 apiece and they've already sold over 110,000, I wouldn't broadcast their availability either.

As director Brian De Palma replied when he was asked why his office had an unlisted phone number and no address on the building, "The people who are supposed to find us somehow always do."


Two companies, Chronic Candy and ICUP, sell hemp–flavored candy.

Chronic Candy sells two lollipops in $5 "nickel bags."

They advertise their pops with the tag line, "Every lick is like taking a hit."

ICUP has a "Stonerware" line which includes all sorts of pot–related stuff and features its "Pot Suckers" lollipops, which are said to "taste like the real deal."

Neither candy contains THC, the ingredient in marijuana that gets you high.

The politicians, as always, are jumping on board this hobby horse: Michigan Democratic state Rep. Dudley Spade (great name, what?) has proposed a state ban on candy containing hemp or hemp flavoring.

That'll be effective.

Chronic Candy owner Tony Van Pelt says he sold between 200,000 and 300,000 lollipops last year.


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Document Stand Paper Clip


Use one to hold up to 20 sheets of paper.


Then find an empty room or closet and get out a second one: voila — a document stand.

15 translucent plastic clips, 3 each in green, blue, purple, pink and orange.


$10 here.

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New world record in 100 meters — (95–99 year old division)


This past Sunday in Miyazaki, Japan, 95–year–old Kozo Haraguchi (above) shattered the world record for the 100 meters in the 95–and–over age group, bringing it home in a sparkling 22.04 seconds.

The old record, 24.01 seconds by Hawaii resident Erwin Jaskulski, had existed since May 1999.

Said Miyazaki, in an Associated Press story, "I was thinking to myself, 'I mustn't fall, I mustn't fall.'"

The race was Miyazaki's first ever in the rain.

He began running in the mid–1970s and first attained world–class status in September 2000, when he set the 100 meter world record for men 90–95 with a time of 18.08 seconds.

Meanwhile, in the kiddie division of the 100 meters, last week 22–year–old Asafa Powell of Jamaica broke the world record with a time of 9.77 seconds.

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Wearable Salad Mixer


The company selling these giant wearable hand extensions touts them as tools to pick up leaves in the garden (above).

We know better.

Just slip these puppies on and get down with your arugula.

You know you want to.

Now there's nothing between you and your organic baby greens but these formidable scoops.

They measure 14" x 11" each.

Two in a set (doh!) for $9.99 here.

Or perhaps mademoiselle would prefer something in a yellow to better contrast with her tan?

No problema.

Here you go:


These measure 14" x 12" wide and run only $7.99 a pair here.

What is the effect of just one of these giant mixers — on either a salad or leaves?

And what is the sound of one mixer mixing?

Just a thought....

Every now and again I have one; it's sort of like a neutrino zipping through one of those giant underground counters and hitting something, now that I think about it.

Hey — there goes another one.

I wonder if the ten or so hours I spent creating this post might've been more profitably spent elsewhere.


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Graffiti Archaeology


This website won this year's International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences Award for Best Art Site.

Sarah Boxer wrote a story about the website for yesterday's New York Times, causing the site to crash last time I looked because of overwhelming traffic.

Stuff happens.

Wonder if that could happen to bookofjoe, it becoming unavailable due to overwhelming demand?

Not likely in this lifetime.

Just as well.

Then I'd have to have people, so that my people could call your people.

As it is now there's just me and my crack research team, and believe me they get no phone privileges.

As if. But I digress.

Graffiti Archaeology takes you back in time as it looks at a particular site at different points in the past.

How do you spell "palimpsest?"

I've noticed that Sarah Boxer, who wrote the Times story, has become, de facto, the "cool site of the day in the Times" reporter for the Grey Lady.

Every week she writes a story examining one particular website.

But you see what happens when she does: you can't get there from here.

When media collide things get lost in the tumult and cacophany.

What fun.

Here's a tip to all aspiring spelling bee contestants: both "graffiti" and "archaeology" are frequently misspelled — as, in fact, is the word "misspelled" — and would be worth a moment of your study time to get down pat.

Once in a while, when I've got a bunch of photos superimposed on one another on my computer screen, I think to myself that the computer screen must be a little thicker there.


Now that's Newtonian.

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That's the message on one of a dozen different just–out Banner Greeting cards.


Glossy 3.5"–tall cardstock letters connected by stainless steel grommets spell it out.

A small metallic silver tag lets you attach your own personal sentiment.


Banner collapses into a metallic silver envelope measuring 5.25" x 7.25".

The extended banner measures 31.5 inches, with string attached at both ends for hanging.


Choose from: Carpe Diem, Gesundheit, Happy Birthday, Hip Hip Hooray, I Love You, Let's Get It On, Mad Props, Merci Beaucoup, Superstar, You Rock, You've Got Mail, or You're A Hottie.


$6 apiece here.

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