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June 7, 2005

Battery Store: Episode 2 — End–on vs. The Laterals


Episode 1 last week introduced the Laterals — what I assumed was the only battery storage option in our part of the galaxy — but I was wrong.

Just entering the Sol system and preparing for an epic confrontation is a fleet of End–Ons (one is shown above, in wall position and fully activated) from the planet Alkaline.

The End–on system, if extended to battery storage on Earth, entails places for 53 different batteries, ranging from AAA up to the mighty Ds.

The End–ons are not content, however, to stop with mere battery domination: no, they propose to store flashlight bulbs, fuses and tiny watch batteries in the handy covered compartment up top.

The choice is yours.

The End–on option will cost you $14.99 here.

For reference, you will note that the Laterals (below)


are almost fully armed and prepared for battle.

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