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June 7, 2005



This blog search site does lots of things, not one of which I can understand well enough to use successfully.

No matter โ€” if that were a criterion for bringing something to your attention here, I'm afraid we'd be doing a detailed analysis of fingerpaints.

So I'm here to tell you that if you want to explore the world of what's out there (here?) in the blogosphere, then you could do worse than to waste a little time on this site.

They've just launched Blogdigger Local: it's meant to help you find people blogging from particular zip codes or cities in the U.S.

You enter a keyword or topic, along with a city name or zip code, then click "search" and Blogdigger will produce a list of matching blogs arranged by relevance or date of posting.

That is, it might do that for you; it sure didn't for me.

But read the first paragraph of this post again and you'll see why I'm not at all bothered by this failure, one in an infinite series โ€” alas, extending in both directions from the present.

So ee go.*

*Jamaican patois for "so it goes."

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