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June 6, 2005

Failedrelationships.com — When good love goes bad


"When Meredith Broussard celebrated her 26th birthday and realized that she'd survived exactly 26 failed romantic entanglements, she reckoned it was high time to dissect this topic that had filled her life with so much... angst."

She recruited 26 young female writers with distinct points of view and had each write a chapter for her book, "The Dictionary of Failed Relationships" (above).

As Ford used to say, "Can we build one for you?"

The resulting book, looking quite hip and stylish what with its elegant pastel vertical stripes, offered a wry, sometimes bitter but never boring commentary on the myriad ways love can go wrong.

The book's reception was so favorable Broussard started a website called failedrelationships.com.

On it she offers various stories, advice, and recovery resources.

Her upcoming book, "The Encyclopedia of Exes" (below),


is an anthology of 26 stories by men of love gone wrong or, as it says on the cover, "Original Tales of Misconduct, Miscommunications, Misgivings, and Other Dating Disasters from A to Z."

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