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June 8, 2005

Frosty Fan Pack


"Frosty fan pack keeps room cool at a fraction of the cost of air conditioners."

I like it — tell me more.

"Simply place frozen gel pack in mesh container and attach to fan for a quick and easy way to beat the summer heat."

For 14" to 18" diameter fans.

So what if it looks like a hair net for a fan — if it works you won't care one whit about its weirdness.

$11.98 here (item #23584).

But maybe you need something more.


Look no further.

My crack research team, never willing to stop at a reasonable place but always wanting to push on ahead, came up with the Ultra Frosty Fan Pack pictured below.


As you can see it features not one, not two but three gel packs for triple the cooling power.

$14.95 here.

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