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June 22, 2005

Graffiti Archaeology


This website won this year's International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences Award for Best Art Site.

Sarah Boxer wrote a story about the website for yesterday's New York Times, causing the site to crash last time I looked because of overwhelming traffic.

Stuff happens.

Wonder if that could happen to bookofjoe, it becoming unavailable due to overwhelming demand?

Not likely in this lifetime.

Just as well.

Then I'd have to have people, so that my people could call your people.

As it is now there's just me and my crack research team, and believe me they get no phone privileges.

As if. But I digress.

Graffiti Archaeology takes you back in time as it looks at a particular site at different points in the past.

How do you spell "palimpsest?"

I've noticed that Sarah Boxer, who wrote the Times story, has become, de facto, the "cool site of the day in the Times" reporter for the Grey Lady.

Every week she writes a story examining one particular website.

But you see what happens when she does: you can't get there from here.

When media collide things get lost in the tumult and cacophany.

What fun.

Here's a tip to all aspiring spelling bee contestants: both "graffiti" and "archaeology" are frequently misspelled — as, in fact, is the word "misspelled" — and would be worth a moment of your study time to get down pat.

Once in a while, when I've got a bunch of photos superimposed on one another on my computer screen, I think to myself that the computer screen must be a little thicker there.


Now that's Newtonian.

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