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June 22, 2005

Wearable Salad Mixer


The company selling these giant wearable hand extensions touts them as tools to pick up leaves in the garden (above).

We know better.

Just slip these puppies on and get down with your arugula.

You know you want to.

Now there's nothing between you and your organic baby greens but these formidable scoops.

They measure 14" x 11" each.

Two in a set (doh!) for $9.99 here.

Or perhaps mademoiselle would prefer something in a yellow to better contrast with her tan?

No problema.

Here you go:


These measure 14" x 12" wide and run only $7.99 a pair here.

What is the effect of just one of these giant mixers — on either a salad or leaves?

And what is the sound of one mixer mixing?

Just a thought....

Every now and again I have one; it's sort of like a neutrino zipping through one of those giant underground counters and hitting something, now that I think about it.

Hey — there goes another one.

I wonder if the ten or so hours I spent creating this post might've been more profitably spent elsewhere.


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Yikes - can't wait to see your soup service technique (but just to be safe, I'll be the one in the Hermes snorkel).

Posted by: Orithyia | Jun 22, 2005 11:30:08 AM

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