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June 7, 2005

I am addicted to 'Hollaback Girl'


No, it's not pretty, this admission, but I must now come clean to my beloved readers.

Since May 18, when I first heard Gwen Stefani's nonsensical smash hit song — the lyrics, I mean; the fact that the song is endlessly listenable, at least to me and my dim–witted self, goes to show that the song makes a much deeper kind of sense somewhere in my reptilian brain, I'm guessing — and wrote about it here, I've been trying to avoid listening to it via "Repeat One."

And I was succeeding more or less OK until a couple days ago when a well–meaning reader sent me a link to Greg Stacy's probing exegesis of the song's lyrics.

Stacy's piece, which appeared in the May 6–12 issue of the Orange County Weekly, is hilarious, but reading his analysis had the unanticipated side effect of reactivating the extremely sensitive dumb song center back there in my medulla.

Now I'm stick on endless replay of the song, loving every idiotic refrain.

"Getting everybody fired up" indeed.

It's certainly got me all a–twitter.

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