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June 9, 2005

Kondo KHR–1 Fighting Robot


Can your robot turn backflips?

Do cartwheels?

Execute a few push–ups?

Does it have expertise in Kung–Fu?


I'm surprised, actually; usually my readers have the coolest stuff around.

Well, at least I can help you remedy your deficiency in the arena of fighting robots.

A dedicated joehead tipped me to the Kondo Fighting Robot (above) early today, while I was sleeping — yes, believe it or not your host and moderator does catch forty winks on a regular basis — and it's now here for all to enjoy.

Do not — under any circumstances — miss watching at least one of the way cool videos listed toward the bottom of the website.

The KHR–1 measures 13" tall, is 7" wide and weighs 2.4 pounds.

Let the games begin.

$1,499 here.

[via RW]

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