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June 6, 2005

Astrix Neoprene Laptop Sleeve


Designed to fit 12" or 14" iBooks.

Lightweight, durable, water–resistant and hand–washable.

Pink or blue.

$34 here.

PC users, do not despair: there's something for you as well.

How 'bout these poppy laptop sleeves in lime or tangerine?


Same material — made for PCs up to 15" diagonal.

Same price: $34.

And bringing up the rear is not Yogi Bear but the black version.


This one comes in four sizes for Macs, made to fit 12" or 15" Powerbooks and 12" or 14" iBooks.

There's also a black one made to fit up to a 15" PC.

Again, neoprene like the ones above and likewise, $34.

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