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June 2, 2005

Northwest Airlines: Episode II — Elimination of the Periodicals


Tuesday I noted the death–spiraling airline's directive terminating — with extreme prejudice — free pretzels on all flights beginning next Thursday, June 9.

Today's installment of the airline's follies features the elimination of magazines from its flights.

The new policy has already taken effect: Northwest snuck this one by us this past Tuesday.

So now you know why there weren't any magazines in the rack as you went by it to your seat — they didn't "forget."


Northwest expects to save $565,000 a year by eliminating its magazine subscriptions.

And that's not even counting the savings in jet fuel since the planes will be lighter now.

What with dropping pretzels, magazines, pillows and blankets I'm certain the weight differential is cutting a minimum of 3 cents off the cost of every flight.

And when you're losing $458 million — that's simply in the last quarter — why, every little bit helps.

Talk about a sorry bunch....


Someone once said that when you start to become fodder for late night comedians, you're over — by that criterion, Northwest Airlines is so history.

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