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June 4, 2005

'Puke Skywalkers Can Rest Queasy on Virgin Atlantic'


Hey — just a minute.

That's a quote from a story in yesterday's USA Today: in fact, it was the headline.

"Introducing Barf Vader."

That was the first sentence.

Maybe I better just let you read Kitty Bean Yancey's story on Virgin Atlantic's new "Star Wars"–themed airsickness bags (one is pictured above) for yourself before you turn on me big–time.

    Puke Skywalkers Can Rest Queasy on Virgin Atlantic

    Introducing Barf Vader.

    The airline that never misses a gimmick is striking back with another one: Star Wars-themed airsickness bags.

    This month, Virgin Atlantic will stock flights with 100,000 bags to appeal to fans of the hit movie series.

    One design demonstrates how to hold a lightsaber; another spells out the rules of Jedi combat.

    But trust Virgin chief Richard Branson, who previously introduced flying beds and on-board masseuses — to give the allusion to airsickness a positive PR spin.

    "Of course, we hope that our flights are as smooth as normal so that passengers don't need to use the sickbags. We want them to see the funny side... not the inside."

Want more?

You must be sick.

OK, OK — here's the press release issued by Virgin on May 27 of this year announcing the new campaign.

Its headline: "The Empire Strikes Bag."

Only 25,000 of each of four designs will be issued.

Oh, so now you need to know what the four are.

I see how it is.

Your wish is my demand, you might say.

Here you go:

1) Spoof instructions on the right way to hold a light saber (below).


2) A detailed diagram of a light saber.

3) How to master Jedi combat.

4) An analysis of a typical airplane flight that splits it into a light and a dark side depending on where certain passengers are seated.

All right?


Can I go now?


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