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June 6, 2005

Self–Coiling Downspout Diverter


Is it alive?

It sits — dormant, coiled and quiet.

Then it begins to rain.

Water accumulates in the gutter, then makes its way down the spout — but then the Self–Coiling Downspout Diverter comes to life.

It slowly unfurls to its full three–foot–long majesty, all the while spraying water from its otherworldly head.

Then, when the rain stops, the beast curls back up into its dormant position until nature next nurtures it.

You decide.

7.5" x 46" long.

For $9.99 you can own one.

Ambiguity is the guiding principle of the 21st century and this green, seemingly autonomous device is a fitting symbol for what we must learn to live with.

If it makes you feel better you can give it either a female or male name: it doesn't seem to have the same sort of emotions as the carbon–based wetware we normally employ as pets.

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