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June 20, 2005

The Art of Socket–Seeking


Yesterday's Washington Post front page story by Yuki Noguchi described the parlous state of the would–be wireless traveler, forever distressed by the steadily diminishing number of battery bars displayed on whatever device she happens to be needing to use continuously in a place without power outlets.

Long story short: we're wireless but we need to plug in regularly because of battery life limitations.

So I'm here not to join the amen chorus but, rather, to offer a solution to a problem noted by Noguchi in her article, namely that in airports travelers are often frustrated by occupied sockets with their otherwise formally dressed users sitting on the floor, plugged in.

Simply carry an extension cord in your carry–on as part of your basic kit.

Here's where to buy a sturdy 6–foot–long one (pictured above) for $5.50 that will enable one or two other people to enjoy the wonders of electricity with you.

Want more length, another color, etc?

No problema: go here.

You plug it in and others can plug in as well to the business end yet keep their distance and preserve a modicum of privacy.

Who knows — you might even have enough length to actually sit on a chair or bench instead of the floor.

An alternative taking up less precious space would be one of those thingies you plug into an outlet that creates multiple outlets out of one.

That would enable two, three, or even six people to use the juice.

Might be a nice way to make friends and meet people, if nothing else.

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