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June 9, 2005

What's it's like to experience a direct hit from an F4 tornado


Yesterday I received a heads-up from a reader about a wonderful multimedia presentation created by National Geographic magazine in conjunction with its new (June) issue's cover story, "Inside Tornadoes."

A team of storm chasers placed a probe with 7 video cameras — 6 with a 60° field–of–view and one pointing upward — in the path of an F4 tornado ( winds of 207–260 mph on the Fujita Scale, classified as "devastating"), then recorded audio and video as it bore down on the camera.

Here's my advice:

1) Close all your doors and windows

2) Wait until it gets dark

3) Turn off all the lights

4) Turn off all noise and music sources as well

5) Click on the National Geographic multimedia page here and prepare to feel fear, even in the comfort of your own cozy chair via a small image on a screen.

Unbelievably intense.

What it must be like to be underground in a storm shelter when one of these monsters rumbles through Tornado Alley, feeling and sounding "like a freight train coming right through your front door," I cannot imagine.


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