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July 2, 2005

A camera that swims with the fishes


Pentax has just come out with its Optio WP (I think that stands for "waterproof").

They're advertising it as "the only waterproof point–'n–shoot camera."

Sure, we know all about those cases you put your camera in that keep it safe underwater but how much better is having the camera itself be the waterproof case?

They're gonna sell a lot of these, especially with the great ad (below) they're running everywhere.


The one pictured is a full page from this past Thursday's New York Times.

What I especially like is that little fishie swimming in the pet store plastic bag along with the camera (top).

Pretty impressive.

Oh, I see, you want more information about the camera.

What about the goldfish?

I don't hear you asking about the goldfish.

You are so random.

Anyway — it's got 5.0 megapixels, a 3X optical zoom, and is JIS Class 8/100% waterproof "because 'splashproof' and 'all–weather' cameras just don't cut it."


You can find one here for $260 and up.

And what's JIS Class 8 mean, anyway?

FunFact: When Bill Gates gets really angry at something dumb he tells the person who's saying stupid stuff, "That's so random!"

In other words, to Bill randomness is akin to the devil at work.

Whereas here at bookofjoe randomness is not only encouraged, it is sought and, when found, worshipped.


No wonder I use a Mac.

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