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July 9, 2005

Alain Robert IS Spiderman


No special effects, no trick photography here.

When Alain Robert goes up he does so without special equipment or a safety net.


He recently climbed the Taipei 101 Tower in Taiwan.


That building, standing 1,670 feet tall — over a quarter of a mile high — is the world's tallest.


He told Richard A. Friedman, M.D., in a story (scroll down about a third of the way for an excerpt) that appeared in the June 20 New York Times about why people seek out risks, "The euphoria when I reach the summit maybe lasts a few hours or days at the most, and then I have to have it again."

He continued, "I enjoy the risk and to be in control of my fear and have to do it again and again. I cannot stop climbing."



I cannot stop blogging but boy, I have to say that the worst thing that can happen while I'm at it is difficulty finding just the right word.


I am so glad God gave me a generous allotment of dopamine receptors and plenty of neurotransmitter to go with them.

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