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July 2, 2005

America’s Best Ice Cream Parlors, Gelaterias and Custard Stands


Just out from Fancy Pants Press are three new guides (above): "Midwest Scoops," "East Coast Scoops" and "West Coast Scoops."

Here's a link to a much nicer looking PDF file version of the publisher's press release.

Some people can't or don't want to download a PDF file and here at bookofjoe we aim to please everyone.


Each $12.95 book profiles 55 to 60 locally or regionally owned ice cream shops chosen by the authors as the region’s best.

Driving directions, ice cream lore, photos and a glossary of ice cream–related terms are included.

Publisher Michael McGarry and co–writers Bill Meeks and Megan O. Steintrager visited about 300 stores and whittled their choices down to about 180.

Guides for the South and the mountain states are being considered.

You can get the books for $10.36 apiece at amazon.

[via Jerry Shriver and USA Today]

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