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July 17, 2005

'Another Place' — Antony Gormley


On Crosby Beach near Liverpool, England, one hundred cast–iron life–size male figures, cast from sculptor Antony Gormley's own body, stand like sentinels (above), planted between the high– and low–tide marks.

They stand in positions carefully plotted on a chart and fixed by GPS, welded to 3–meter–deep piles driven deep into the sand to prevent their (unintended) removal.

All stare out to sea on an identical compass bearing and will continue to stand vigil until November of next year.

They gaze from their positions close to the mouth of the Mersey estuary toward the west and the setting sun.

[via Robin Blake and the Financial Times]

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I went to see the men yesterday and the tide was in so onl;y saw a few heads and necks. How do I find out when the tide will be out? Doreen

Posted by: doreen Dawson | Jul 25, 2005 9:20:56 AM

Curious. Traditionally we look to the east, the rising sun, for inspiration. Wow, this a major statement of nihilism, I guess wishing it were over.

Posted by: ScienceChic | Jul 20, 2005 5:53:42 PM

Where will they be after November, perhaps the most haunting and lonely month of the year?

Posted by: Mb | Jul 17, 2005 8:23:28 PM

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