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July 2, 2005

AWOL 1: 'The ultimate party toy' gets personal


From the inventors of the AWOL 2 — "The ultimate party toy" — comes the AWOL 1 (above), the new personal version of their proprietary alcohol inhaler.

Both devices enable you to bypass your stomach and ingest alcohol by breathing the vapors along with compressed air or oxygen.

The AWOL 2 was pricey at £1,295; the AWOL 1 comes in at £149 (€ 221;$264).

The U.K. Department of Health’s Alcohol Policy Unit says it’s no more harmful or dangerous than conventional drinking.

I suppose you’ll need to find something other than "cheers" to say as you take a hit.

Maybe it would be better to try kind of a post–hoc utterance.

How about, "I inhaled?"

Seeing as this device hails from the U.K it seems only right and fittng, don’t you think?

Here’s the company website should you want one.

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