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July 10, 2005

BehindTheMedspeak: McMan's Depression and Bipolar Web


One of the best sites on the internet.

    From the website:

    My name is John McManamy.

    I am a former financial journalist with a law degree who has struggled with bipolar disorder most of my life.

    For more on me and my lifelong struggles with depression and mania, and what drove me to create this site, please check out my eight–article series here.

Four years ago, as I tried to stay afloat during a devastating period, I happened upon John McManamy's website.

It was the only thing I was capable of doing, going to his site and reading what other depressed people had to say.

In some mysterious way the knowledge that I was not alone helped fortify me, eventually enabling me to begin to find my way back from a terrible place.

When I was at my very worst, I emailed John McManamy just to have someone to communicate with.

Each time I did he emailed me right back with very helpful advice.

John McManamy is a great man.

He has probably saved many lives even though he doesn't know it.

As long as his site exists he will continue to offer a beacon in the pitch–black darkness to many people who find themselves suddenly lost in a world that once seemed so familiar.

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