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July 2, 2005

Calorie Counting Jump Rope


Calorie Jump tracks the number of jumps per workout and calculates the calories burned.

“Now you can skip the counting and focus on the quality of your workout.”

You enter your weight into the minicomputer in one of the handles (below)


and the rope does the rest.

Not the jumping, booboo: that’s on you.

The 10–foot–long rope is adjustable to your style of jumping.

Assuming, that is, you have one.

Or can even achieve escape velocity off the planet’s surface.


Don’t hurt yourself; remember, the treadmill works just as well, albeit a bit more slowly.


• Simple one–button programming

• Clear display with calorie and jump counter

• Swivel–action rotater head rotates in both directions

£14.95 (€22;$26) here.

[via Jonathan Margolis and the Financial Times]

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