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July 16, 2005

Extreme Golf — The 'Heat Stroke Invitational'


It's held every summer at the Furnace Creek Golf Course (above) in beautiful Death Valley, California.

Matt Utter, a group sales manager at the Silverstone Golf Club in Las Vegas, Nevada, joins a group of friends there annually to participate.

He says the group has yet to lose any member to heat stroke.

Or, as he put in Otto Pohl's July 1 Wall Street Journal story, "If you're going to play Death Valley, you might as well play it when there's a chance you might die."

I like it.

The Furnace Creek management offers a real deal: for a nominal greens fee of $25 they provide carts, clubs, balls, tees, unlimited bottled water and a chance to experience a unique "thermal challenge."


Prospective duffers should know beforehand that temperatures routinely reach 115° — in the shade.

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