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July 7, 2005

Ben Stein's Travel Secrets


In this past Sunday's New York Times Business section Ben Stein, who spends about half his life on airplanes, weighed in with a few travel secrets gleaned from millions of miles in the air.

    My favorite follows:

    Travel with several Three Musketeers bars and a few bags of honey–roasted cashews.

    If your hotel has shut down its room service for the night, or if room service is as bad as it often is, you will want those snacks.


    I might add that it's a rare hotel that has room service that tastes as good as a Three Musketeers bar. (When I was a child they were a nickel — sniff, sniff.)

    And if the airline food is disappointing — isn't it funny that I say "if"? — you will be happy that you have that reliable Three Musketeers chocolaty goodness in your pocket. (No, I am not a spokesman for Three Musketeers. I just love them.)

    Sometimes a rush of chocolate can cover even the worst sins of an airplane.

I'm so down with Ben it's not even funny.

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Best gift under $5 they (or you) will not (yet) have to check at Baggage: a bottle of hot sauce. Food-and-politics profiler and y'all-round ex-pert on All Things South'run, Julia Reed, revealed in The New York Times Magazine several years ago her inveterate habit of traveling everywhere with a mini-bottle of Tabasco, for those times on the rubber-chicken-and-runway rounds when the food just lacks something - like, for example, a "foodlike" flavor. With heat levels from mild to wild, and just because for anyone who eats for a living [and who doesn't?] it can Make All The Difference, there's nothing like one of any number of blazing jinnis-in-the-bottle to make the palate rise from its dogmatic slumber and shine. Where once Tabasco ruled its fiery roost, a far-flung flotilla now laps the shores of every grocer's near you. Try Cholula from Mexico, good for those milding their saucy manners - and as good as it gets. Or a li'l dabba Sriracha sauce'll do ya just fire: this Asian cousin for the cuisine, launched by a Vietnamese-American who named it for the boat wot brought him here, earned the tag "condiment of the gods" from Rod Dreher at National Review Online several years ago. And if constraint bars the glassed and saucy, try carrying concealed (no permit required, just yet) a home-fired packet of the ground nuclear core of the firewater'd reactor: cayenne pepper - quite a wee goes quite a way.

Posted by: Scott Lahti | Aug 21, 2005 3:03:20 AM

What's a 3 Musketeers bar?

I feel gypped.

Then again, I was all excited about Ben and Jerry's because of all the American hype - then I tried it (at its exorbitant price) and gagged after my first mouthful.

Posted by: IB | Jul 8, 2005 12:41:46 AM

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