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July 20, 2005

Lappyvator — Laptop holder for the bedridden or supine


From down under, as it were — Australia, to be precise — comes this most excellent invention.


The name at first seems Scandinavian but it makes perfect sense when you see what it describes: a device that takes a laptop computer and positions it perfectly for a supine individual to type and view the screen.

The inventor had a sore tailbone (coccyx) after an extended bicycle ride around the lakes in Canberra after the LCA2005 Linux conference held in the area.


He needed to keep pressure off the affected area and found sitting was painful and standing not comfortable either: the only relief was obtained while reclining, yet he needed to work at his computer.

That was the problem; pictured above and below is his solution.


He supplies an excellent, detailed guide to building your own Lappyvator and many pictures to illuminate his instructions.

Sure, it's a little rough but the first wheel probably wasn't much to look at either.


A bookofjoe Design Award 2005 to this modest man who doesn't even include his name in his post.


I could take a lesson from him.

[via Gadgets.cz]

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I wonder if he's invented any functional devices of a similar nature so I can read a book in bed comfortably. Hopefully he will in the future if he hasn't already!

Posted by: Robin | Jul 20, 2005 2:42:24 PM

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