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July 9, 2005

Perfect Sound Forever


"Founded in 1993, Perfect Sound Forever endures as one of the longest–running online music magazines."

Material from and interviews with Brian Eno, Lester Bangs, Robert Quine, David Byrne, Holger Czukay, Jim DeRogatis, Richie Unterberger, Dave Lang and many, many more.

Untold stories in music's past, present and future.

    From the website:

    The name of the website comes from the Sony/Phillips slogan promoting the advent of compact discs in the mid–80s.

    To convince the public to give up their vinyl for this new technology, they advertised CDs as the ultimate in sound quality, impervious to scratches or wear or tear.

    Perfect Sound, Forever.

    As we all know now, CDs scratch relatively easily, and over time decay via oxidation.

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Charles Babbage, who effectively fathered the modern computer, theorized that sounds, once produced, were immortal, diminishing in volume but eternally reverberating where they'd been made. But then, you'd know that already if you'd visited the MassMOCA site like I told you to. (http://www.massmoca.org/visual_arts/sound_art.htm)

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