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July 8, 2005

Pretzel Purge at US Airways


Yesterday it hit all the wires: US Airways is going to discontinue offering free pretzels beginning in September.

Plan on scheduling as many flights as possible on the airline before they pull the snacks.

You knew it would happen: the only question was, when?

And now we have our answer.

US Airways says the move will save over $1 million a year.

Like Delta, US Airways plans — at least for now — to continue offering free juice and soda.

But don't count on that lasting.

David Stempler, president of the Air Travelers Association, was quoted in yesterday's Wall Street Journal story on the latest belt–tightening as saying, "Passengers are not driven by whether there are pretzels there or no pretzels there."

Is it any wonder that Mr. Stempler finds himself in a position of such authority with insights as keen as that?

Next thing you know he'll be telling us that of course you don't have to take off your shoes before going through security.

Just because not doing so automatically consigns you to a full–body patdown and search doesn't mean you have to.

But there remains a ray of hope in the yeasty air: America West Airlines says it will continue to serve free pretzels and, if you prefer, peanuts.

However, there's some bad news as well: America West and US Airways are hoping to merge.

The Journal story quoted an America West spokesman as saying "the airlines had not yet solved the pretzel predicament because they're focused on bigger issues."

Here's a link to a more detailed look at the story from yesterday's Pittsburgh Post–Gazette.


I love the paper's sub–head:

    Another frill is gone

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