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July 17, 2005

Q–Grill — What Bond uses


From another star system and a far–advanced civilization comes the object above.

No, it is not an intergalactic cruiser but, rather, your new portable grill.

Release your hand from the ergonomic handle and put it down.

Then unfold your stylish, aerodynamic object to reveal:


• Dual gas controls offering a full range of cooking temperatures

• High–grade gas jets to disperse heat evenly over the entire cooking surface

• "Cool–grip" heat–resistant side handles to allow you to move it safely

• Built–in light in the center of the grill to let you keep on cooking even as the sun goes down and all the pretenders around you enviously fold up their tents

• Non–stick, dishwasher safe cooking surface

• Foil drip trays to keep the grill itself neat and tidy

• Fueled by butane/propane mix gas canisters (approx. cooking time/canister is 2 hours)

• Made of durable steel.

• Weighs 7.5 kg (16.5 lbs.)

• User guide and cookbook included


£99.95 ($175) here.

[via AW]

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