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July 9, 2005

Sony robot throws out ceremonial first pitch at RFK Stadium


This past Wednesday evening at RFK Stadium in Washington, D.C., Sony's two–foot–tall QRIO robot (above), the only humanoid robot that can pitch, threw out the first pitch before the Nationals–Mets game.

Sony spokeswoman Shoko Yanagisawa told the Washington Post that "QRIO stands for 'Quest for Curiosity.'"

Huh — wonder who thought that one up?

QRIO is built to be a companion, according to the Washington Post's story about the signal event.


"QRIO can perform dances from different cultures (above, doing a fan dance that would make Sally Rand sit up and take notice), recognize faces, understand more than 65,000 words in Japanese and get up after falling down."

I know people who can't do any of those. But I digress.

Bonus: "QRIO can fit into an oversize handbag."

I guess that depends on what the meaning of "oversize" is.

QRIO delivered a fastball straight into the catcher's mitt and the crowd went wild, according to Ms. Yanagisawa.

The singularity draws ever nearer.


Do not be afraid.

They are coming.

In fact, some are already here.

Look around and think about what you see.

Are you certain things are as they seem?


Skim milk masquerades as cream.

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