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July 11, 2005

'There are at least 500,000 cameras in the city of London'


That's the second most astounding statistic of the year to date.

It's from last Friday's excellent Wall Street Journal article about the London bombings.


"The British capital has more surveillance cameras monitoring its citizens than any other major city in the world."

Yet it wasn't enough.

The most amazing statistic of the year also comes from the same Journal article:

"In a single day a person could expect to be filmed 300 times."

Yet it wasn't enough.

Because to have data without the capability of making sense of it is to have nothing.

There are not enough people in the world to sift through all the images pouring in 24/7 from a half–million cameras.


Not even close when it comes to real–time facial recognition.

Clearly, the 2049 world of "Minority Report" is — at the very least — that far away.

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