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July 9, 2005

Thomas Heatherwick Leather and Canvas Expandable Bag for Longchamp


The London–based designer does more than astounding folding footbridges.

After all, someone's got to put food on the table.

For Paris–based Longchamp he's created a leather and canvas expandable shopper (above and below).


It unzips and zips to match your storage needs.

Model number 2680119; it's $625 at Longchamp boutiques in New York, Boston, Palm Beach, Coral Gables, San Francisco and Las Vegas. (866-LONGCHAMP.)

You can try to buy one online at the tricked–out, over–Flashed–up Longchamp website but you'll give up long before you succeed in finding it.

At least, I did.

Oh, yes, the folding footbridge in London;






Yes, I do tease but in the end I deliver everything I promised I would.

Sometimes even more.

But I digress.

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A friend recently saw an architectural programme on thomas heatherwick's bridge and a school project that had a jet engine that converted to a wing. could you advise where I could obtain information on this story

Kind regards

Posted by: alan day | Jul 14, 2007 11:04:04 AM

Can you please tell me how I can aquire a tape of the programme Imagine that went out on 6th. June 2006. It is inspiring and I need to have it in my grubby little fingers.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Posted by: susanpalmer | Dec 13, 2006 3:21:52 AM

This is my first experience of finding a site like yours, as I am new to internet browsing. I have saved Alan Yentob's Imagine programme about Thomas Heatherwick, and I show it to all who might be interested (last night, my adult daughter - who I am pleased to say is as excited as I am). I have been fascinated by Thomas' work ever since a documentary about the making of the B of the Bang and the curling bridge.

My guardian angel has just fluttered their (is that ok as a substitute for the rather clumsy 'his/her'?) wings, and like Roger Green of London, I will be able to go with said daughter to New York in January. Rosie and I are eager to climb inside the Longchamps building, and we only have an overnight stop. How do we find it?

Best wishes to a fellow Thomas Heatherwick enthusiast

Kate Nottage (Bradford On Avon)

Posted by: Kate Nottage | Nov 23, 2006 6:46:00 AM


What a fantastic, programme last night on BBC tv. The work of TH is so inspirational, makes me proud to be British. I keep seeing visions of each of the pieces shown and now so want to see them all for myself. Is there a map site of where the UK pieces are?
I'd love to buy the longchamp bag, any chance of it being available in the UK?
Thanks BBC for such an excellent programme

Posted by: Marie Cheshire | Jun 7, 2006 4:20:16 PM


Jjust watched a program on your amazing designs on t.v. last night. Can you tell me the nearest railway station in London to view the rolling bridge at Paddington Basin. Also later this year we shall be in New York. What is the full address of the Longchamp Boutique (Bags) where we can view and walk up that incredible staircase.

Thank you,

Roger Green

Posted by: ROGER GREEN | Jun 7, 2006 7:20:15 AM

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