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July 10, 2005

'Tommy, can you hear me?'


I can't get enough.

Of "Tommy."

I am still on continuing replay of this magnificent 1969 album by The Who; today marks day 3 of my "Tommy"–induced spell.

The album is so powerful and mesmerizing, I decided to get a better playback device than my iMac.

So I went up route 29 north to the Crutchfield store yesterday afternoon to see what I could see.

That was after perusing the dismal offerings at Best Buy and Circuit City on my way.

I told the guy at Crutchfield I wanted an ultra–compact CD player that sounded great and had anti–skip protection so I could run with it.

Sound a little like "less filling v. tastes great," doesn't it?

Probably can't have it all.

But lo and behold the saleman brought forth the Sony D–NE10 (above and below).


Talk about an alien spacecraft shrunk down into a CD player: this is it.

It uses a rechargeable flat lithium battery to allow its inner workings — the laser and electronics — to be crammed into a device three–quarters of an inch thick.

That's correct: it's 0.75" high.

It weighs 6.2 oz. with battery, as opposed to my old CD player, itself no giant, which tips the scales at 8.9 oz. with batteries.

An awful lot of technology in this baby: heat–resistant aluminum lid; magnesium back for strength and light weight; plays every type of CD known to man.

Comes with an unbelievably tricked–out, spacey–looking recharging stand (above) with these long prongs that go deep into corresponding openings in the player; I wonder if I could plug in too? But I digress.

The included earbuds are meant to work with the little inline remote (above), which features an LCD readout and a very cool volume control function: you turn the end clockwise for up and counterclockwise for down, all done easily by touch.

The sound of "Tommy" with this player is much better than it was with the iMac: the drums, the insanity of Keith Moon's powerful drums, just blows me back in my chair.

I'm so overwhelmed with delight now that I'm taking it to the next level: I ordered a pair of Shure E2C earbuds from amazon after reading a lot of reviews online.

You can get them cheaper here — $58.95 v 69.94 at amazon — but with amazon prime I get free two–day shipping; buying at Comp–U–Plus adds $14.95 for shipping, bringing the total to $73.90.

Oh, yeah.


And now, back to the music.

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Hello Joe,

You have a great zest for life. I regularly alert friends to log in to bookofjoe for the hot finds of the day.

Please elaborate on Tommy. Is this an album, a group, Tommy Castro . . . Tommy Bolin? Google several offer choices as does Rhapsody. Best ask you, rather than sniff the haystack.

Many thanks and keep up the good work.


Posted by: Leah | Jul 10, 2005 9:03:42 PM

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