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July 30, 2005

World's first barbecue–flavored ice cream


It's for sale at the Udder Delight Ice Cream House in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

The brainchild of owner Chip Hearn, the barbecue ice cream is among many strange new flavors created by Hearn, what he calls "extreme ice creams."

There's also a tasty bacon ice cream, above, chock full of bacon bits.

Cackalacky Spice Sauce ice cream is named after Hearn's barbecuing and brainstorming partner H. Page Skelton's award–winning sauce, typically poured over North Carolina pork barbecue.

Skelton, observing the reactions of customers at Udder Delight who were sampling the bizarre flavors, remarked to Don Oldenburg, who wrote about the new wave ice creams in a story in today's Washington Post, "Bacon and butterfat, what could be better? The stuff should come with CPR instructions."

A sign in the window of Udder Delight notes that Hearn's peanut–butter–and–jelly ice cream won the World Series of Ice Cream two years ago.

Inside, there's a life–size replica of a cow's head mounted on the wall: when the manager speaks into her lapel microphone, the cow's mouth moves and speaks.

Tricia Collins, the manager, told Oldenburg, "If you moo at people as they leave, they are offended sometimes."

Hearn told the reporter that it's often difficult or impossible to create a desired flavor because the ingredients simply don't work together.

Said Hearn, "We tried to do crab–meat ice cream a million different ways and couldn't make it."

He remarked that experts and professors at the Penn State University Agriculture Department, whom he often consults for advice, once told him that pork rind would make a perfect ice cream.

However, he chose not to go there, saying, "I'm not going to do pork rind. This is Delaware. If I were down South somewhere, you know, maybe."

Last month Hearn held a by–invitation tasting for about 150 people who agreed to sample and review 18 new flavors, including cappucino stout beer, honey fig, Black Forest (dark chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips and dark Oregon sweet cherries), and Moo Moo (raspberry ice cream with peaches and strawberries).

On sale as you read this is his Viagra ice cream.

That one's made from orange and pineapple in a blue ice cream, with Pop Rocks added at the end.

Oldenburg asked Hearn if people buy it; Hearn replied, "Less people buying it than asking about it — but they see the sign and they have to ask."

Hearn said the weirdest ice creams he's ever made, in his opinion, were mushroom–based.

He told Oldenburg, "The mushroom sucked, but the mushroom–pecan rocked! But I would guess that the mushroom–pumpkin was the weirdest one ever."

He recently concocted a cucumber–onion ice cream using Vidalia onions and said, "The onion didn't work, but the cucumber did."


Here's a link to the Post story.

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