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July 26, 2005

Would you buy a bookofjoe calendar?


Guess what?

You're gonna get the chance, and real soon too.

From the company that brought you the ultra–trendy and stylish personalized tea mug with built–in bagholder comes the personalized plastic wallet–sized calendar pictured above.

For $5.99 you get 50; for $9.98 you get 100.

Even I know that's not a bad deal.

Mine will feature just one line of type in the area where you're allowed up to four:


But here's the best part: I'm going to personally number each card on the back and inscribe it for the buyer just as she/he wishes.

How's that for cool?

I'm not sure yet whether to charge a nickel or a dime apiece: depends on how good they come out.

Wait a minute: I've heard contests are really, really popular on the internet.

Have you heard that too?

Maybe I'll have a contest and give the calendars away.

Your ideas and comments are welcome.

This is the first time I've ever seriously contemplated dipping my toe into the commercial internet waters, so stay tuned.

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To add cool to my otherwise hot office, I'd be honored to have one, should one come my way. I'd even pay for it. Can I pay in links? Puns? Photographs?

Posted by: mattp9 | Jul 26, 2005 10:30:12 PM

Here is the ultimate contest idea:

"Ask the Doctor" a chance for us "normal people" to ask an MD all of the questions we are too afraid or too intimidated to ask our own physicians. Also, most doctors will never give you a "straight" answer because they think we are too dumb to understand the language. I know you would shoot from the hip and besides you are still my favorite doctor of all time. I love you.

Posted by: kb | Jul 26, 2005 2:47:13 PM

I think a calendar is a great idea, I would leave off the www. and the .com. After all is said and done, in 100 years when my great grand children will be at the antique air space show, (like the jetsons) autographed, BookofJoe special calendars will go for $1 Million easy.

Posted by: Matt Galloway | Jul 26, 2005 12:23:25 PM

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