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August 1, 2005

'Where the Human Footprint Is Lightest'


Yesterday's New York Times story about the rapidly vanishing pristine lands of the United States was an eye–opener.

Very, very little of the country remains as it was before man made his appearance.

Worldwide, it's estimated that 17% of the planet's land is still virtually untouched, mostly because it is inhospitable to humans.

In areas capable of growing basic crops, on the other hand, just 2% of the land remains in its primeval state.

In the lower 48 United States only 0.9% of the land is still unaltered.

I thought that the map at the top of this post, which accompanied the Times story, was compelling.

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Mirza Teapot


Glazed porcelain, wood and hand–forged metal.

Tip it back on its end to store vertically.

Made in France.

$135 here.

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Metropolitan Opera — Online


Quietly this past spring, the Metropolitan Opera opened to anyone in the world its database of each of the nearly 26,000 performances there since the very first (above), in 1883.

Browse randomly or search by key word: title, composer, performer, what have you.

Entries on individual performances may include reviews by critics, pertinent related documents, photographs and whatever else may relate to the subject at hand.

Anthony Tommasini, in yesterday's New York Times story, wrote that "opera buffs everywhere are finding the database addictive."

Initially the Met proposed charging a fee for database access but Robert Tuggle, the Met's director of archives since 1981, persuaded the company to make it freely available.

Tell you what: Tuggle may be 73–years–old but he "gets it" a heckuva lot better than his supposedly more internet–savvy younger counterparts in other organizations who persist in their zero–sum–game approach to access.

Power and influence in the digital sphere accrue to those who are most — not least — accessible.

Also available on the Met site are opera excerpts, under Sounds of The Met.

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Toaster Oven Pizza Stone


Love the name.

    From the website:

    At last, your toaster oven can have the same great, durable firestone-clay pizza stone as the big ovens!

    Recrisp last night's pizza, bake frozen slices, or make mini pizzas — all with that wonderful crisp crust and melted toppings.

    And, it's also great for baking rolls or reheating bread products.

10"L x 7"W x 3/8"H.

$13.99 here.

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Faceanalyzer.com — 'The only automated face reader in the world'


This website will analyze your face and your personality.

See what the computer thinks is a perfect 10.


Find out what people really think but just don't have the heart to tell you.

[via transbuddha.com]

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iPod Armor


Foam–lined metal iPod case (above and below)


from Matias, creator of the fantabulous Matias keyboard where my fingers spend many happy hours every day whipping up this tasty stew/witch's brew.

Jeffrey Ressner wrote in Time magazine, "The Schwarzenegger of the bunch is iPod Armor. Ideal for skateboarders, snowboarders and other sports enthusiasts who tend to fall down a lot."

Ha — plenty of joeheads wouldn't go near a board sport but manage to fall down plenty. But I digress.

There's also an iPod mini version, now available in two versions: with an aluminum front panel (below)


or a clear ABS plastic front (below).


Full–size iPod Armor costs $39.95 and the iPod mini iterations are $24.95 here.

Whoever designed the original iPod Armor (second photo down in this post) must've been channeling Rachel Whiteread: when I first came upon the device I did a double–take, so evocative is it of the eerie work (below)


of the great sculptor.

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Listen to bookofjoe


Another small step.

Now comes talkr, a website that lets you listen to the text of any blog in the world as an MP3 file on your computer, iPod, or what–have–you.


True, it's not me reading it but, rather, a robot; but then, there are those who have their doubts about my code — and we're not talking software here....

[via everythingandnothing.com]

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Ruler Cuff Bracelet


Stainless steel ruler cuff bracelet features inches on the outside and metric measurements within.

Artist, teacher, carpenter, designer, what have you: this is the one you'll want to be wearing when someone asks, "How big is it?"

Adjustable to fit most wrists.

6"L x 0.5"W.

$40 here.

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