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August 22, 2005

Shark v. Octopus Video: A fight to the death — with an unexpected outcome


"Watch an octopus


reveal a


startling ability."




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Voodoo Knife Holder


Made out of shiny fire–engine–red ABS plastic, this will certainly make a dandy addition to your freaked–out kitchen.

The knives (below)


are included.

$107.50 (£59.95; €88.50) here.


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PandaCam is the most popular feature on the Animal Planet website.

It's a live video feed from the National Zoo in Washington, D.C. of giant panda Mei Xiang and her six–week–old cub and it has registered over 1.1 million page views on the Animal Planet site.


The cub was born at 3:41 a.m. on Saturday, July 9, and only on August 2 were the staff at the zoo able to determine that it's a male.

On August 8, when the pictures above and below were taken, the cub weighed 2.6 pounds and measured 14.25 inches in length.

A story by D'Vera Cohn, which appeared on the front page of yesterday's Washington Post, explored the devotion of people around the world to the life and times of the pandas.


8% of those who visit spend 20 to 30 minutes there.

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Garage Parking Light


You pull into your garage and the green light illuminates: welcome home!

As you enter further the yellow light cautions you to slow down.

When the red light goes on you stop.


Even I could figure this out.

Save your bumpers and your garage walls and even have a bit of fun.

$29.99 here.

Not recommended for color–blind individuals.

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bookofjoe — The Magazine


How does she do it?

Shawn Lea Zehnder, my favorite Mississippi blogger, produces a wonderful website that she updates daily, full of interesting stuff I never see anywhere else.

OK, big deal, you say: so do you.

But here's the difference: she does it while maintaining a marriage, raising a small boy and working a serious full–time job.

That's what I find astounding.

And somehow this girl has the energy to produce spectacular creations like her signature bookofjoe T–shirt


and the mock–up magazine cover at the top of this post.

She's as attentive to detail as I am and far more skilled with a computer: she knows about stuff like converting to RGB and suchlike.

Thanks, Shawn: U B dA bOm!

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Flexible 'Pinch' Bowls


Flexible silicone bowls let you control the contents instead of hoping and then cleaning up the mess afterward.

3.5 tablespoon capacity.


4 for $7.95 here.

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Podcasts — More imaginary numbers


Last Monday's New York Times featured an interesting small item by Alex Mindlin focusing on how popular podcasts are and how big the phenomenon could conceivably become.

It started this past April when the Pew Internet and American Life Project reported that six million people had listened to podcasts.

Now come two oft–cited research groups with projections for 2010.

Ted Schadler of Forrester Research forecasts that about 30 million people will be podcast users in 2010.

Marc Freedman of the Diffusion Group is even more optimistic: he predicts the number in 2010 will be 56.8 million individuals.

Now, I hate to differ with such estimable analysts but I must say this: both forecasts reflect a very shortsighted view of technology.

Because, Ted and Marc, relatively few people will be listening to podcasts in 2010: not anywhere near the numbers you envision.

Isn't it obvious?

In 2010 people will be watching podcasts.

And you can bet that yours truly — bookofjoeTV, at long last — will be right there on your satellite TV dial.

Count on it.


I just hope I'm a pre–set.

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Heated Vest


You get 4 hours of toasty comfort from the vest's carbon fiber mesh and low-power infrared heat.

Powered by "compact and unobtrusive rechargeable batteries."

Batteries charge fully in 5 hours and can be removed to allow machine washing.

Black reversible to gray.

100% polyester fleece.

$129.95 here.

4 hours — hey, you'll still be good for the overtime period.

Not recommended if you're traveling by air: you will most likely be taken aside to a little room at the security checkpoint and wish you'd never read bookofjoe.

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