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August 26, 2005

Zaha Hadid's Aqua Table



Pilar Viladas wrote about in this past Sunday's New York Times magazine.

It was the equivalent of the magazine's centerfold, sitting astride two facing pages in all its powerful, sinuous glory.

The swimming–pool–blue silicone–gel top rests atop a polyurethane–resin base.

Hadid likens it to "flying over water."

$78,000 at Established & Sons in London.

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A room with a view


David Honigmann's "Brain Waves" column in yesterday's Financial Times contained a paragraph worth thinking about:

    In his book A Pattern Language," Christopher Alexander tells of the house of a Buddhist monk that overlooked the ocean. But this view could be seen only fleetingly through a diagonal slit in the wall, as a visitor walked through the courtyard. "If there is a beautiful view," counsels Alexander to anyone designing a house, "don't spoil it by building huge windows that gape incessantly at it. Instead, put the windows which look on to the view at places of transition."

Look at, then, and enjoy while it lasts the view (above) from my bedroom window, upon which vista I rest my eyes a majority of my waking hours.

I am going to Lowe's for bricks and mortar to permanently obliterate it just as soon as I finish this post.

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This recently launched site specializes in blog searches.

See what you think.

I tried it with some random blog and got a bunch of results but I don't quite see what the point of the site is.

I'm sure you'll twig instantly, though.

I've always said that the secret of success is surrounding yourself with people smarter than you are.

Fortunately for me that's a no–brainer.

Wait a minute....

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Mutant Shower Head


It started earlier this month with the mutant extension cord.

But that's not where it ended.

No, the deformity has now spread to the world of heavy–duty hardware.

Because just this morning my attention was drawn to the mutant shower head above.

Sure, the company selling it calls it the "Spa Dual Shower Head" but you and I know that's simply a Trojan horse to get one into your house and up on your shower pipe.

$134.95 here.

Yogi Berra would undoubtedly think you'd get twice the water pressure but I'm sure no one reading this would fall for that.

Would you?

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Pearl Jam — So Kewl


Why do I think so?

Because the band just announced that beginning with its concert next Thursday, September 1 at the Gorge in George, Washington, they're going to release free digital downloads of most of the shows on their upcoming U.S. and Canada tour.

The downloads will go up on their website, www.pearljam.com.

The band calls them "digital bootlegs" and they'll be available within hours of the shows' conclusions.

No Digital Rights Management nonsense: you can download the music to disc, transfer it to your MP3 player or just listen from a hard drive.

Tim Bierman, manager of the Pearl Jam Ten Club, which is overseeing the project, said in yesterday's New York Times, "We want to make it as hassle–free as possible for someone to listen to a show they've downloaded."

Clearly this guy and the band must've been asleep when the music industry as a whole decided to turn on its customers and start suing them.



Just in from the über–goddess of everythingandnothing is the news that the downloads are not free but, rather, cost $9.99 apiece.

So it was too good to be true.

Well, they're still kewl — just not as.

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Blade Savers


You need these.

Even if you don't cook much, if you have decent knives and no knife block but instead throw them in a drawer you're asking for trouble.

No, not because of the inevitable dulling of the blades as they hit other blades, but because one day someone will reach in and grab a knife by the blade and cut themself very badly.

Or drop an unsheathed knife on a bare foot: you'd be amazed how much damage and havoc gravity + a sharp, pointed knife can create from four feet up.

Good knives, when sold individually, often come with hard protective sheaths; I know Henckels knives do because I have a number of them.

For $8.99 here you get an set of 4 covers, to fit the following size knives:

• 8" chef's

• 8" carving

• 6" utility

• 3" or 4" paring

Other sizes?

No problema: the full array, up to a 14" blade, is available individually here.

The first time you register a "save" you will thank me.

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The one shown above is among the five newly installed book vending machines in Paris.

No more of this nonsense about the store being closed when you want a new book.

Xavier Chambon is the president of Maxi–Livres, a low–cost publisher and bookstore chain that introduced the machines in June.

I guess news travels slowly when you're depending on carrier pigeons: I only read about this venture this past Wednesday in an Associated Press story dated August 19, the previous Friday.

Each machine is stocked with 25 of the chain's best–selling titles.

I very much like the fact that each and every book is priced at a very affordable $2.45.

The machines are located at four busy Metro stops and "a chic street corner in central Paris."

The machines were designed to avoid the characteristic vending machine drop, which makes bits out of your potato chips when they crash down.

Chambon said in the AP story, "We knew that French bibliophiles would be horrified to see their books falling into a trough like candy or soda. So we installed a mechanical arm that grabs the book and delivers it safely."

I must say that this is an excellent step forward.

But really, doesn't it seem obvious that every single book in a bookstore should be available automatically 24/7 by machine?

If Jeff Bezos isn't already working on this I will buy you a Tootsie Roll Pop — your choice of flavors.

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Halloween Handbag


Sure, they advertise it as a bag for kids out trick–or–treating but that doesn't mean you can't co–opt it for Halloween night out on the town.

Reflective so they'll part the velvet ropes while you're still a block away.

And if you get a chocolate jones, all the better: it holds "a whopping 5 lbs. of candy!"

That ought to sedate you for the rest of the evening.

Bright orange; 100% polyester.

$12.95 here but pretend you paid hundreds at net-a-porter.


(Candy not included.)

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