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August 5, 2005

Blind–Spot Mirror


Years ago I bought one of these but threw it away when I realized that any advantage gained from seeing better behind me was more than negated by the impaired field of view to the front resulting from the size of the add–on mirror.

But that was me — it doesn't mean it's wrong for you.


Now come a new iteration of the old theme.

Called the "Precision Blind–Spot Mirror" (above), this clip–on device is even larger than the old version (below).

"With our distortion–free convex mirror you'll find it easier — and safer — to change lanes, merge and exit freeways."

$49.95 here.

If you'd rather stick your toe in the rear–view water a bit less expensively,


the smaller version is here.


It costs $22.95 for the standard 13" size and $24.95 for the larger 17" version.

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