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August 14, 2005

EZ–Poly™ Concrete Crack Filler


Excellent invention: instead of all the nonsense with mixing bowls and sticks and the mess afterward, this product is concrete–in–a–bag.


To use it you just squeeze the bag to mix up the two separated substances within.

    First 5 minutes, it's liquid and gets into the smallest cracks.

    10 minutes and it's ideal for spreading and vertical applications.

    20 minutes and you can shape or carve it.

    60 minutes and it's knife–trimmable.

    2 hours, hard enough to walk on, drill, cut, shave, paint or glue to itself.

    24 hours and it's fully cured, with 3,100 PSI compressive strength.

    No toxic fumes or volatile chemicals; nonflammable and non–combustible.

Tell you what, this stuff will save somebody's bacon for sure.


6 oz. costs $9.95 here.

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We have 2-quart, 2-gallon and 10-gallon sizes.

Posted by: Gary Andrews | Dec 3, 2006 11:49:44 PM

Perfect! But I want larger sizes for the failing flagstones in the back.

Posted by: Mb | Aug 14, 2005 4:12:11 PM

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