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August 25, 2005



From ShelterLogic comes this line of instant parking.

One– and two–car garages (above and below) are ready when you are.

Join the nomadic tribes of the world, only instead of a yurt you'll pack your garage.

The garages are covered in polyethylene fabric and come in gray, green, tan or white.


No zoning or construction permit required: just set it up when and where you choose.

The manufacturers estimate that it takes 1–3 hours to set one up; me, I'd clear my schedule for the day.

But you know how I am with technology.

The one–car models start at $250 and the cost can run up to $499 if you opt for heavier grades of fabric or optional accessories.

You can buy one here.

Just don't ask me to come over and help you assemble it.


Well, you can ask....

[via Jennifer Saranow and the Wall Street Journal]

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