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August 18, 2005

Google Maps Mania — Mega Mash–Ups


Kevin Maney's column in yesterday's USA Today featured the craze surrounding Google Maps and the company's public release last month of a set of programming interfaces (called APIs) that let anyone take a set of data from one website and combine it with Google Maps to create something entirely new — a mash–up, to use the term popularized in the music world.

As usual, the whole thing is way beyond my capabilities but apparently not of those of most people of average intelligence: Maney wrote that every day a few new Google Maps mash–ups appear and more and more people are hopping aboard the bandwagon.

Yahoo Maps also released similar tools the day after Google but Yahoo's mash–ups don't seem to have caught fire with programmers, who find Google's code more user–friendly.

Maney wrote, "What you're seeing with these map mash–ups is the start of a whole new wave of the Web, in which data from different websites will be able to mix together to create all sorts of new offerings."


I'm reminded of the explosion of widgets that followed Apple's release of Tiger.

Maney pointed us to www.googlemapsmania.blogspot.com as "the best place to find links to most of the map mash-ups."

It's not clear to me whether the word "mash–up" will end up with or without the hyphen after the haze settles.

Maney uses the hyphenated version but the googlemapsmania site doesn't.

Me, I always opt for the simpler approach so I'm going bare from here on out.

A question: is this


a mashup?

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Today, we claim a small victory in the battle to use the word mashup, spelled, "mashup"

Reuters has put out a story about maps mashups and spelled it without the hyphen!

Here is a shortened version of the story:

Woo Hoo! :)


Posted by: Mike Pegg | Aug 26, 2005 4:32:33 PM

Hmm.. you raise a good point. Do you think I should start using the hyphen?

Morpeth (over at Google Maps Mania)

Posted by: Morpeth | Aug 19, 2005 11:06:01 AM

forget the maps - how do I get one of those cool t-shirts - I miss you!!!!

Posted by: kb | Aug 18, 2005 5:00:33 PM

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