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August 22, 2005

Heated Vest


You get 4 hours of toasty comfort from the vest's carbon fiber mesh and low-power infrared heat.

Powered by "compact and unobtrusive rechargeable batteries."

Batteries charge fully in 5 hours and can be removed to allow machine washing.

Black reversible to gray.

100% polyester fleece.

$129.95 here.

4 hours — hey, you'll still be good for the overtime period.

Not recommended if you're traveling by air: you will most likely be taken aside to a little room at the security checkpoint and wish you'd never read bookofjoe.

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There have been times I'm been on the bike that I've needed something like this. A warm December day a few years ago in which the night time temperature suddenly dropped to below freezing while I tried to get from Chicago to Indianapolis comes to mind. Yeah, I keep the prerequisite chemically warmed socks in the luggage compartment along with a few heat packs that you can throw inside your jacket -- but those never last long enough and never fit my idea of ecohippyism.

Wonder if you could wear this thing while charging -- I'd hook it up to my accessory socket on the Honda and never unplug.

Posted by: clif | Aug 22, 2005 2:43:31 PM

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