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August 3, 2005

Helpful Hints From Joe–eeze: How to get the most out of your dishwasher


Steve Eddy is the marketing director for dishwashing products for G.E.

He told Sarah Tilton, in the "Tricks of the Trade" feature in today's Wall Street Journal, how the experts do their dishes.

No matter how tired Eddy is after a day's work he insists on loading the dishwasher himself after dinner with his wife and two children.


From the article:

• Prerinse dishes only if you're using an older machine (five years old or more) — in newer models prerinsing can fool the sensors into thinking the dishes are cleaner than they are.

• When unloading start with the bottom rack so any water trapped in a cup above won't spill onto the dry dishes below.

• Pots, pans and plates go on the bottom because that's where the most water goes.

• Silverware goes in with the handles up.

• If the load is heavy on plastics use the cooler plastics cycle so the items don't become misshapen.

• For especially large items such as oven grates and refrigerator crispers remove the top shelf.

FunFact: When I moved into the house I still live in (it was built in 1967 by the man who sold it to me) I used the dishwasher one time.


It made so much noise that I've never used it since.

I even had it disconnected from the plumbing.

Silence is golden.

I once read that the four most important features of a home are space, light, silence, and a view.

If you're near water that's a bonus fifth.

My house (photos taken from which appear above and below) is perfect, even down to the little creek that runs along the bottom of the hillside that descends from the plateau on which my back yard sits.

That's why I will die here.

Why would I want to live anywhere else?


It's possible to recognize when something is as good as it can get without exhausting one's self in a never–ending search for "a better haircut."

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Why, indeed would you want to live anywhere else!
No wonder you're smiling in your blog pic. Lovely home you have there, Joe!

Posted by: Marla | Aug 11, 2005 9:44:50 AM

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