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August 20, 2005



The funniest thing I read in the papers this past week was Leslie Cauley's USA Today Money section cover story on August 17 about Internet Protocol TV (IPTV).

Now, the story was deadly serious, don't get me wrong.

What I found particularly amusing was this quotation from technology analyst Rick Thompson, which appeared in large print above the illustration accompanying the story:

"IPTV is quickly becoming the final battleground between telecom operators and cable companies."


Guess what?

Telecom operators and cable companies are all zombies, already dead but simply not yet aware of the fact, along with their hapless stockholders who, reading stories like the one in USA Today, root harder for their team to win.

Between VOIP and Skype and WiMax the entire communications infrastructure is being turned upside down.

Voice communication will be free.

Anywhere, anytime, to or from anywhere.

No wires, no fees.


Sure, you'll be watching TV on your computer — likewise anywhere, anytime and wirelessly.

Not free — but the people making money won't be the cable companies.

Because it's hard to be a cable company and make money if no one needs a cable.

Unless I'm missing something.

I mean, I know I lack a lot of things but I think I can see the picture coming into focus OK.

bookofjoeTV won't be delivered over your telephone line or cable modem — trust me on this.

After all, I'm a ....

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